Spadafora – Hickman’s Theory on the Deweyan Technological Culture: The Meaning of the Teacher as Investigator for a New Model of School Curriculum

Giuseppe Spadafora

University of Calabria

Larry Hickman’s interpretation of Dewey is a point of reference for the Pragmatist Theory. The reversal of the Aristotelian classification between Theory, Practice and Poiesis, considering this last concept the heart of Deweyan Philosophy has been fundamental.  According to this idea I will try to analyze some aspects of  Dewey’s book The Sources of a Science of Education of 1929.

In particular, considering the variations of the second edition of Experience and Nature of 1929, I will endeavour to focus on the meaning of science of education as expression of the Deweyan scientific concept of philosophy, so as to analyze the meaning of the teacher as investigator and the importance of this idea to define a new model of  Curriculum for the contemporary inclusive school.

In conclusion I will propose the Deweyan idea of a techno-scientific way to change with education the possible development of democracy. 

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