Pezzano – The Inclusive Model of School Based on Hickman’s Idea of Technological Culture

Teodora Pezzano

University of Calabria

Larry Hickman’s  work has been fundamental for Deweyan Scholarship and also for the idea of a new possible paradigm of a “technological culture.” In this paper I will try to  focus on the idea expressed in chapter 5, titled “Tecnoscience Education for a Life-long Curriculum, in  Hickman’s book Philosophical Tools for Technological Culture: Putting Pragmatism to Work (2001) applied to the contemporary problem of the school.

In particular Hickman’s idea of technological culture, inspired by Dewey’s Thought, is essential for the concept of an inclusive model of school, which is a development of democratic school theorized by Dewey during his university  experience in Chicago. In this perspective I will analyze Hickman’s idea of technological culture applied to education, the centrality of education in democratic theory of John Dewey, and the inclusive model of contemporary school which must be based on the humanistic culture and digital cultural.

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