Schull – ‘I strive to pay forward his kindness’

Stephanie Schull, PhD

Dr. Hickman is a gifted professor. I studied with him during my time getting my BA in Philosophy at Texas A&M University. I loved his book on John Dewey’s Pragmatic Technology, but beyond the brilliant books and essays, he was a devoted teacher. He made me feel confident in my ability to work through complex problems. He took my juvenile attempts and saw a way to coax some real thinking out of me. He and his wife Elizabeth went above and beyond to also find part-time work for me, so their care extended beyond the classroom. Larry Hickman is all one would want from a colleague, a professor, and a friend. He helped transform my awkward and unstable undergraduate years into a foundation I could build my future on. I owe him a big thank you and I strive to pay forward his kindness and replicate his level of expertise in all that I do.”

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