Moreno – ‘Larry’s kind encouragement was valuable to me’

Jonathan Moreno, University of Pennsylvania

In fall 1978 I joined the UT Austin philosophy department as a one-year visiting assistant professor, hoping not to fall off the cliff to academic unemployment.  As a former student of John McDermott I often visited College Station that year.  Larry and I hit it off, and with his typical generosity he invited me to his home for dinner.  He was the first person I knew who had a VCR player at home (we watched the original Star Wars), borrowed as I recall from A&M as he used videos to teach philosophy of technology.  So at the time I was mainly impressed that he had that big box, but in retrospect I should have been more impressed at his imaginative use of video in teaching, which we now take for granted.  So Larry was from the very beginning not just thinking about technology but very much using it in his work.  Larry’s kind encouragement was valuable to me as I went back on the job market, a quality that so many of his friends, colleagues and students have obviously much appreciated over the years.  I am here to say that is exactly the kind of person he has always been. “

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