Flamm – ‘Simply a joy to be able to join everyone in his honor’

Dr. Matthew Flamm, Rockford University

Larry Hickman was and remains a model academic mentor and friend to me and every colleague, grad-student, and editorial staff member with whom I’ve become acquainted who also had the privilege of working with him. Besides his well-earned status carrying forward the thought of Dewey, Larry went out of his way during his time at Texas A&M University—a small portion of which I had the privilege of sharing—to support students, opening even his hearth and home in a most congenial, warm, and welcoming manner. He is a brilliant host, excellent cook, and good humored companion. The world of Dewey studies, and Classical American philosophy generally would not be what it is today without his tireless life of service, both in editing and administrating editorial and publishing projects, and his original scholarly contributions. Speaking of the latter, no scholar of Dewey today aiming for recognition could write about technology and its cultural implications without contending with Larry’s writings. I owe my sense of what it means to be an academic scholar, teacher, and student-mentor to Larry Hickman, and it is simply a joy to be able to join everyone in his honor for this worthy occasion.”

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